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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week Update & Sunday Best

I think my Sunday Best pictures are getting worse! I need to either use a different lens, a different wall, or something! I think the red wall and the red bark tends to reflect on the kids. And my wide lens seems to distort things a bit. BUT good news is....I'm on the way to getting a new lens! I have a goal and once reached...I get a new lens. YAY!! And warmer weather, buds on trees and leaves on bushes should help us to get a few more colorful pictures!

We were early for church today and I think I'm going ot make that a goal each week....try just try to get there WAY early, so that maybe we can consistenly be on time! Savannah was being a goose with pictures this morning and kept covering her face. And Jayden from the beginning kept trying to do silly things. It's like he waits for it...for me to be ready to take the picture so he can come up with some wierd pose. Silly kids.


This week has been pretty busy, but what else is new? The kids were still behind in school from going on our trip and they really wanted to catch up for our Fun Friday, but that didn't happen. So we still worked hard on Friday to finish our school so we can enjoy some of our spring break coming up this week! The kids are looking forward to that. Me. NOt so much. I really thrive on the structure of our school day. So I'm going to have to come up with some sort of plan for this week so I stay sane.

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