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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Emma's milestones today

One of the subjects we have in school is what we call Scripture Adventures. It's where I choose a familiar scripture story...sometimes not always familiar, but somewhat, and then after reading a short version to the kids, have some sort of adventure, craft or activity to go with it.

Often our Thursdays when we are supposed to do this, get really crazy so we put two of them together Friday night for our family night.

First we talked about the story of Lehi and His dream about the Tree of Life. We read the story then the kids colored a picture and added little pearl stickers to their tree's for the fruit.



Then we told the story of King Benjamin. We just told about how he gathered his people and how they build tents with the doors facing Benjamins tower. Then each of the kids got to build a tent.


We then finished the story and while they sat in their tents watched the movie of Lehi and the Tree of LIfe while enjoying snacks.

This day was significant in a couple of ways. One it's the day Emma officially started crawling! Nearly 11 month, but she finally figured it out. It's also significant because it was the last time I nursed her. I was really sad. I'll go hours and think that we are done, but as soon as I'm nursing again I have thoughts about trying to get my milk going again. But the truth is, I have no milk left and we are done.


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Janine said...

she is getting so big!