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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Update and Sunday Best!

Not a lot of big things happened this week. We had Valentines which was fun, our normal school days, Duck had Inventory (which he is so glad ot have over) so thursday night we didn't get to see him, Friday we got to go on our Valentine Date and had our sitter for 5 hours! It was awesome! We just went shopping a bit, went to dinner, enjoyed a Missionary Fireside and that pretty much took up our night! After I took the sitters home we even somehow were able to stay up for Banana Splits and a Movie!

I had a hard time choosing a picture this morning so I'm posting two. Jayden was being so silly, at first Savannah was being mad. So then I told her and Jayden to kiss eachother. It worked! She was all smiles after that!

We also had to be at church 1/2 hour early so there was a ton more shade. We decided to try a new spot!



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