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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day

One of the new things we are doing with school and jobs is they don't get an allowance. I never called it that anyway, they had to complete their chore chart to get paid....but I knew once day we would change that and the day has come! Now they only get paid for EXTRA jobs done throughout the week. But if they do complete their chore chart for the week I have a bucket of $ store prizes they can pick from, and same goes with their schooling.

Friday's is our fun day (if they do all their school mon-thurs we get to do fun projects or fieldtrips) so on Fridays we check their charts and they get their prizes.

I explain all this because these pictures are Savannah playing with hers and Maliyah's prizes. The was being so funny and so cute, bringing everybody cheesecake with her PINK oven mitt!


Saturday was great. Had lots to do...got most of it done. I love productive days. In the morning we watched my friends kids for a little bit and took some pics while they were over:



HOw many kids can you entertain with just ONE computer game? LOTS!


One thing I did on Saturday was do my best to be prepared for Sunday. Now that church is earlier, it's a bit more of a rush in the morning to be ready on time and inevitabely I end up feeling flustered as we are walking out the door. So we brainstormed on things we can do on Saturday to be ready.

I have to say it definitely helped. My house wasn't a total mess, the morning went way smooth and I was much happier. Unfortunately we still left a little later than I wanted too...but at least we weren't leaving the house in tears! Hopefully we can keep up with it.

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