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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reindeer Farm - Operation Santa Clause {Redmond Attraction}

After our Rock Garden Trip I dropped Cassandra off at the hotel with the baby girls for naps and took the big kids to the Reindeer Farm. We had been here before and really liked it. We actually stopped this time though and read a bit about the Reindeer. Reindeer shed their antlers and grow new ones every year. This was the time of year that they were shedding and also preparing to have babies! Most of the reindeer were really shy and kept far away. One area though they were a little closer and some finally got brave enough to came and say hi! One of the fenced areas had a lot of the shed antlers. It was quite fascinating. One of the deer looked like he was trying to rip it off with is back leg! He could get his hind leg up by his head and it almost looked like he would get his leg stuck up through his antler! We were hoping to see it come off, but after staying for 1 1/2 hours we didn't.


Amazing how long they stayed entertained just standing there watching!


After the Reindeer farm we ran back to pick up the girls and spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the park. Duck and I were able to go on a date later that night too. Wow! That must have been my favorite part of the trip! Thanks Cassandra for letting us do it! We went to dinner at Mcmenamins, walked around Downtown Bend (in the WIND!) and then went and saw Journey 2. When we got back to the Hotel we headed to the pool without kids! cool!

this slide was really fast and Savannah was a little nervous after she had already bumped her head, but then she tried it again and did great!


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