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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update 11-13 through 11-20-11 and Sunday Best!

This weekend was one of those where I wonder if I will ever make it through the weekend in one piece. I had so much to do, didn't know HOW I was going to do it all without falling apart or totally letting someone down. Well I didn't fall apart and hopefully I didn't disappoint someone. I did however get a TON of pictures edited and ready to give to people and that was HUGE relief and weight off my shoulders. Even if it meant pulling an all nighter to get it done! I love doing it, but there was just way too much at once that it began to get stressful, not to mention I wanted these people to have their pictures! I'll have to post them at another time because I've already been on here too long today!

Our Sunday Best picture today was quite humorous. We were late getting to church and quickly getting kids out of the car to take the picture. They are already pretty good at the routing of it, but I go to get the baby out and Jayden is still standing in the car. He says "my shoes!" This kid is always taking his shoes off in the car so I tell him to get them. He looks back by the seat and turns back mortified: "They at home!" I sighed, grabbed him and stuck him on a chair. Gave Maliyah the baby and proceeded to take the picture. Until my screen on my camera flashed ---no SD card inserted--. Yes my memory card was also at home. Sigh again (as I was really just trying to keep calm). I grabbed my phone took a picture and we ran into church (or carried on Jayden's behalf!). Duck insisted on running home to get Jaydens shoes so I had him get the card and we got a decent picture after church. Oh but get this...Duck still forgot the shoes. So take a look at Jayden's shoe-less feet! At least by this point the ground was dry so the baby could have the chair.


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