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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Best 11-7 through 11-13

I was going to JUST post the Sunday Best picture today, but then as I was downloading my pictures, looking at them I just couldn't skip posting any of them and sharing a bit more about what we did this week. Dang. So now I'm going to be on here a bit longer than planned. But I guess to start I'll share today's Sunday Best! It was a crazy morning getting to church because we had a late night last night and we all had to be at the church early.



We had a birthday party for Jayden this weekend but his real birthday is tomorrow so instead of posting birthday pictures this week AND next week...I'm just going to wait till next week.

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Herways in Brussels said...

you know, it doesn't seem that long ago that your oldest was just a baby. can't believe how they have grown! cute kids. Cute mom. Do you homeschool all of them? Following in the footsteps of your mom?