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Sunday, November 20, 2011

ER? Or not the ER? That WAS the question!

Yesterday Maliyah was running through the house and slipped. I heard somebody fall in the kitchen so yelled out "are you okay?" no answer. "Are you Okay?" I asked again and still no reply. I looked in the kitchen to find Maliyah on the floor with her hand on her head and crying. I helped her up and was hugging her when I looked down and saw blood coming through her fingers. When I had her move her hand blood was coming out pretty fast. Dang! I grabbed a rag and applied pressure and had Duck come over.

I have to fill in here (Vanesa don't read this part) that amazingly we have NEVER yet in 8 years of parenting had to go to the Emergency Room, had a broken bone, stitches or really any serious injury or illness to our children. This was going to change that I thought. Duck went into panic mode a little bit (although he wouldn't admit it) and had his shoes and shirt on in no time and was ready to get in the car. I convinced him to wait while I call our friend who is an Emergency Room DR. He wasn't home but his wife said he should be home soon and reminded us that we would be waiting hour in the Emergency room anyway so might as well wait for him to get home.

An hour later, Dr Jones was in the house and was great with Maliyah. He took a look, we all agreed glue was the way to go and within 1/2 hour he was done and back home havin' dinner with his family.(hopefully they didn't eat it all!) He had the stuff to do stitches, but I felt confident the glue would be just fine. Maliyah did bonk her head today (go figure) and the top of her cut opened a bit, but I think it will still be fine...just have to be careful!


This next picture is one Duck took from his phone just before we glued it up.

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Sara said...

Tea bags will stop the bleeding, and glue is always our go to! Hope she is feeling better