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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update (a 4 week one!) end of September through October 23rd

Oh my gosh it's been a busy month! Busy too because there have just been things going on Sunday to keep me from Blogging! But also out of control busy because well....I have five kids, I homeschool, and I'm mormon. I don't think I even need to go into all the other things I do...that alone would keep me busy! But of course I love my life, I'm so blessed and I will NOT complain. I'll just keep trying to simplify so things aren't TOO busy.

A few of my pictures in the next couple posts aren't in order, but that's really not super important. I also have two photo shoots that I haven't finished editing yet so I didn't even think to add any to this...but I will next week. In the mean time enjoy these pictures and make sure you make it to the end for Emma's 6 month pictures and a photoshoot of the four babies!

OH! And I almost forgot the GREATEST part of today's posts! Just see in the picture from my brother below!


You can read in her post on her blog here. Unless it's private...I don't know if it is. I guess you can try!

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