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Sunday, October 30, 2011

International Fair

Last Friday the kids had an International Fair here at the house. We had been working on 4 countries that they learned about and then prepared to teach their friends about. They each got to invite four friends. We made up Passport invitations that went to each friend that was personalized with their picture and information. i have to say they really turned out cute. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of any of them. Maybe I'll have to make one for each of our kids so as we continue to learn about other countries we can stamp our passports.

The four countries we talked about were
*Brazil...but specifically Rio de Janeiro (of course because my kids are obsessed with the movie Rio)

In each country we talked about and showed pictures of their homes, food, clothing, music, money, language and just about anything else you can think about. We made a craft from each country and had food from each country. We totally ran out of time. The kids had a blast and were so mad when we didn't have time to talk about and do everything that we had prepared.

This pictured below was a soup recipe from Greenland with Meat, carrots and onions and barley.


Japan we made Gioza's and wanted to show sushi...but knew they might not like sushi. Ky had the GREAT idea of these sushi rolls:


Rice Crispy instead of rice, fruit rollups instead of seaweed, and Swedish fish instead of raw fish. They were yummy!

Below is pictured the Gioza and then our Italian Pizza and breadsticks which were the hit of the party. WE also had Fruit Smoothies for Rio as Fruit Juice bars apparently are popular there.


I think we will make this a tradition to do every year although I think we'll spend more time studying the countries and have the fair in the early spring when things aren't so hectic and we can take more time.

Once our time was done being spent on the International Fair...Halloween was all the craze! We had our Music Halloween party to prepare for, decorations to get up, and clothing to pull out and put on! This was the kids with what halloween t-shirts they owned.


Then Grandma Duck always pulls through with the best packages of stuff including socks! Little did she know the kids had totally been fighting over the 2 pairs that we had already owned. Perfect timing Grandma Duck!


If anybody looked at the blog from the Community Craft event I recently helped put on...we had some painted 2x4 pumpkins. I was making some thank you gifts and used the same idea but modpodged paper on the fronts instead. Didn't like that i had to use my scrap paper and fabric, but otherwise? Loved. Them.


Last Saturday was our Stake Leadership Meetings and I had been asked to come and teach the Primary Music. I had such a wonderful experience with it last year that I was excited to do it again. It was truly a wonderful and very spiritual opportunity and I learn something new each time. I wanted something for these music leaders to take home with them so I made these little cubes to use in Primary. They can write what they want on the sides (softly, loudly, boys, girls) and then let the kids roll the cube before singing a song. Luckily (cause otherwise I wouldn't have made them) I already had the cubes from a previous project. Thanks to my hoarding habits.

I attached this quote:

"We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer."


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