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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekly UPdate (although it's been like a MONTH!) 3-20 through 4-14

I know I usually post on Sundays, but I have been meaning to just post anything so that when baby does come, I can just post about her and not feel like I have to catch up!

The last three weeks have definitely not panned out quite as planned, but then again when having a baby...can you ever really plan EVERYTHING? No....and since I'm so stubborn...they really aren't going to go as planned!

For those who aren't on facebook to be in the loop, today I am 41 weeks and baby is sideways. Monday she was actually completely transverse, now she is what they called breech oblique. She isn't completely breech, but more diagonal. I've been working on lots of methods to get her to turn and right now that's my goal. I'm happy to wait it out as long as baby is doing fine. If by the end of next week she is still not head down, then we will have to resort to a c-section. In the mean time we are praying and welcoming any other prayers in her behalf to turn!

I'll try to cover anything else going on with the pictures I'm posting, but honestly I haven't been up to taking a lot of pictures so there really isn't much. We'll certainly keep you all updated on baby!

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