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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emma Lee Janine Duckworth

Yes, we are weird....we are giving our poor child 2 middle names. But we just couldn't pick so what the heck, we went with both! Emma after Emma Smith, Lee after Ducks mom, Janine after my sister and Aunt, and well Duckworth...duh.

There is lots detail wise that I could post here...but honestly I have it already documented in my journal, so for the sake of just informing the most of you...I'm going to TRY to keep this semi brief!

For those who hadn't read before, I was due April 7th and my family was here visiting during that week anticipating baby to arrive any day. Janine and her husband and three kids, then my parents and youngest sister Becca were all here. It was a house full, but we had fun. Unfortunately baby had other plans than coming on time and the family had to head back to Utah.

A few days later I went in to the Dr, had an ultrasound which confirmed the baby was transverse. This wasn't the first time this had happened. I had flipped the baby before so I wasn't worried....we would just do it again! I was at the pool every day doing headstands and working on some other methods at home as well (inversion, breech tilt). Thursday I went in for another ultrasound and unfortunately our efforts only helped baby turn the opposite and was now nearly breech!

Friday at my appointment I was ready to look more into the option of a cephalic external version(click to see a video of this being done). Then if the version was successful we could induce and get labor going while baby was in good position. Only problem is our hospital here doesn't really do induction or scheduled c-section on the weekends. My Dr. said she would do what she could to get me in that day and call me later. The hospital must have seen that this was better than the alternative....an emergency c-section that would have to happen if I went into labor or my water broke on it's own. After a crazy busy morning and coming home and getting kids down for naps I got the call that they could get me in if I got there ASAP!

Lucky for me my wonderful friend Michi was able to come down to the house to be with my four sleeping kids right away! Duck got home, I packed my bag (yes I'm a slacker and hadn't packed yet) and we were off to the hospital.

The Dr on call performed the version and it was really the coolest thing ever. In the event that something went wrong and we had to do a c-section I had to have my FIRST epidural ever (what a day and week of firsts huh?). This helped with the pain associated with a version, but I could still feel and see what was going on and it was so trippy! Everybody in the room was just in awe. The Dr. tried turning one direction which wasn't working. So then went the other way which put the baby totally breech. He had to try to get her back up out of the pelvis and keep going in that direction, but once he did...she just kept going! It was so awesome!

We started the pitocin, the Dr. broke my water and attached the monitor to baby's head to insure she wasn't going to turn back and my labor started! A version is only performed when the situation allows for it. Typically at 41 weeks there isn't enough fluid and baby is too big for great success, but luckily she wasn't huge and I had tonz of fluid! I was so relieved and so grateful.

Labor was long. This was my longest ever....7 hours! I know that's short for some, but long for me. The epidural helped those first 5 hours pass easily then I asked for the epidural to be turned down. I really would have had them shut it off if it was completely up to me. I knew the beginning was going to go slow, but was pretty confident that the end would go fast and sure enough the last 5 cm went in about an hour and 15 minutes. I was very grateful to be feeling more at this time...and when I felt we were ready to push we shut off the epidural. Still....I wasn't not completely in touch with my body and I should have waited another 10 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes of pushing was not productive. I couldn't feel what I needed to feel. I was frustrated by that and frustrated when the Dr and nurses are saying good...you are doing good when really the baby's head wasn't even going anywhere! I finally had to have them tell me exactly where she was because I couldn't feel it! That was very frustrating to me. Finally the Epidural wore off, I could feel where baby was and was able to be more effective with my pushing. Also knowing where she was made it so that I was able to hold her there rather than releasing the push and she was quickly out!

I was so excited, so happy! To have my baby girl, to not be pregnant any more, and to have done it without a c-section! Other than the epidural part it was a wonderful experience and I was glad that at the end it did wear off enough so that I could feel more part of the experience! I also LOVE those first moments when I get to hold my brand new baby. It's amazing that they grow inside of us! God is such a God of miracles and the miracle of life has got to be the greatest! As soon as Duck and I had a quiet moment with just the three of us we gave emotional thanks to our Heavenly Father for safely delivering this little miracle to us. There was much to be feared those last few days and for things to have gone so smoothly and wonderfully, I felt so blessed! (and even more blessed now, three days later that I physically I feel so great!).

Emma was born at 12:32 am April 16th, 8 pounds 8 oz, 20 inches long and with a full head of dark hair. Definitely the most of any of my babies. She is perfectly healthy, nurses like a champ, and is such a blessing to have in our lives.

I have a lot of pictures here and I"ll mention a little bit more about the kids and stuff as I go along, but then I'm outta time and have to run! But you can be assured there will be LOTS more pictures to come in the near future!

I think she looks like Savannah in this picture.


Duck was doing his best to take a lot of pictures, but a lot to him and a lot to me....are VERY different amounts!

Her first bath.


Proudest big sister ever!


Kyson had been very upset when we found out we were having a girl. But within minutes of arriving at the hospital to see Emma, he took one look at her in the bassinet and said "Mom, I guess it's okay that Emma is a girl." It was very sweet and he is very smitten with her. Although as we were leaving the hospital and the kids were asking when we would have another baby (whew) Kyson asked if we could put her back in and make her a boy!

I told this to the Dr that performed the version (who had to convince me of the epidural) and after laughing said "we would DEFINITELY need an epidural for that one!"

Photobucket Photobucket

Jayden is absolutely in LOVE


This is Savannah without Emma because....well she could care less and right now...I'm really okay with that!


Dark hair! These were the first pictures I took of Emma. I have a narrow lens so it's hard to get pictures up close so I didn't get around to taking pictures until Sunday morning when I felt up to walking around and doing things on my own.






So most of you will know how crazy this is for me, but in our hurry to the hospital (and my lack of preparation in packing my bag) I hadn't packed any headbands or bows! Just this hat for her to come home in. Lucky for me I did have my crochet bag though....so what do you do? Crochet a headband and flower (pictures below).


Booties for coming home in although they barely fit!

Photobucket Photobucket

I came home Sunday afternoon. Duck had taken the kids to church for Sacrament meeting so they were all dressed up when they came to pick us up!




Going home! The only picture I have of Emma and I together is on my cell phone that I took. That was one huge bummer of my family not being here, nobody to take all the pictures! And that one on my phone is still the only picture of me! How pathetic. I'll have to make Duck take some of us together today. I love you mom for many reasons...but right now I need a photographer!


Lovin' on Emma at home. Taking turns takes a lot of patience!

Photobucket Photobucket

Monday Duck took the three oldest for about 6 hours to the store, PE, then deliveries for work. It ws a nice quiet day with just me and my two baby girls. It was great to have that one on one with SAvannah. I really enjoyed that time with her and then the quite time with Emma. I love my baby girls!

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Mamaappah said...

So cute Camille!!! We are really happy for your family. If you really want a family photo I'd be happy to come over and take some. It wouldn't be as good as your mom, but perhaps better than a self timer;)

Renee said...

These are so adorable. So wish I could have been there to have just added to the pile of pictures you'll end up with, but especially to get a family group shot in the hospital and you and Emma together, not from a phone:) I miss you all already, and especially to hold little Emma. I love you all so much. Great blog entry! Love.......... Mom

Hide said...

Congrats!! She is so cute, and I'm so happy delivery went ok. Good luck with adjusting to 4. I love your hats and bows. Just another thing I need to learn from you. You never cease to amaze me.

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Congrats! She is beautiful! I'm so glad everything went okay and that she got here safe and sound!
hugs all around-

Rachel Garcia said...

Yea for the natural delivery!!! What a sweet baby girl- Congrats to the Duckworth family!!!

Leslie Lu said...

What an awesome experience,she is so precious!

The Duckworth Family said...

Thanks you guys!
Mom-we miss you too and can't wait to see you all!
Heidi- free online tutorials!

Janine said...

So, so, so, beautiful! I have to say, she's got a little bit of "janine" in her. very fitting! I CAN'T wait to meet her. so proud of you, and love you tonz!

Katie Brodniak said...

Gosh, she is so darn adorable!

Beckeesdeals said...

I am glad you commented with the link so I could come read your post. My little guy had lots of dark hair as well. We are still adjusting to taking turns to hold and love baby brother. For me the adjustment to 5 kids has been harder than I thought it would be. That might be partly because my baby had been a bit sick (just a little cold, but still not fun).

I attempted to go back to church last Sunday where I teach the 5 year old primary class. It was crazy!!

Isn't life fun and crazy and full of adventure?!

Congrats on your baby-in spite of the lack of mommy pictures, you guys did a great job getting a picture of all the kids...impressive!