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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Count Down to Baby

Although I usually don't count down days until baby (because it's ALWAYS different) the kids do every day. They are constantly asking how many more days. I tell them weeks...then have to figure out days and it got really annoying. I was chatting with my Dr. about this and she suggested doing a paper chain. Fabulous idea! It was still earlier than I would have liked to start...but they were SUPER excited to do it so what the heck! Now instead of asking all the time how many days...they ask about 5 times a day what the date is (I put the date of each day until due date inside the papers). Oh well...they are having fun with it!

The last link of the chain is Happy Birthday paper. Of course the likely hood of it being THAT day is pretty slim...this will at least help the kids see that it's getting closer. Also they know the two chains left means my Mom and Dad will be here, and 4 chains left means their cousins will be here! They are SUPER excited about that!



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