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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls Room

Over a year ago a friend gave me a bumper pad that I had planned on recovering for Savannah's crib. I wasn't in any hurry at the time as she was still small, but as she has grown and ended up waking smooshed up against the bars of the crib I have been wanting to get it done. Finally I had a night that I set aside to get it done. I already had the fabric that matched the bedspreads...it was just a matter of doing it!

Bummer part: I didn't check to see if the pad fit the crib in the first place...so it's a little small, but by the time I noticed, I had already cut the fabric. So I got just did it anyway! It will work and be just fine and certainly makes the crib seem just that much more comfortable! Especially since she will be sleeping in this bed(soon as a toddler bed) for quite a while. It's not anything spectacular...just finished!

Photobucket Photobucket

Wall above girls beds. (I'm sure in the future we will be using bunks for the girls as well)


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The Petrini Post said...

your so stinkin' creative! If I only had half your talent... :)