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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week update July 17 through July 31 2010

So, I didn’t want to blog again until I was able to get all my Nauvoo pictures up, but they are taking forever to download from photobucket (all the ones from my moms camera) so it might not be until after my next trip out there that I just get them again and post them later. I don’t think many people saw what I posted already anyway, so once they are all in, I’ll repost with links to what I had posted. It was an awesome trip and I want to share it with you all! For now I picked a few of my fav pics from some recent events. It was really hard to keep it to so few as I had some really fun ones from swimming and birthdays! So eat them up and enjoy them as there are only a few!

OH! And there is this awesome giveaway on sugardoodle right now for an item similar but greater than the cricut! Yes, I didn’t think that was possible either! Check it out at sugardoodle!

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