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Sunday, August 1, 2010

LDS Girls CAmp 2010

In the past two weeks though since my return we have certainly kept busy. Immediately I had Young Womens Camp that I had to finish preps for. It was a pain, I ran into MANY obstacles, but I got my work done, the girls’ skits were hilarious and I had a great time. All the music was Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 songs, then we came up with skits to go around the title of the song. For example JAM, was a skit about food storage (making jam ) Friday when they performed the skits Duck and Savannah came up with me and it made for a fun date night! Maybe not for Duck, but I sure enjoyed having him there with me.

A couple pics of the skits and then Savs with Duck and I

Photobucket Photobucket



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