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Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Nauvoo and about the pageant

I have tonz more pictures from Nauvoo, but my camera died so I used one of my moms the rest of the trip so of course she has the pictures. So I’ll post the basics of the trip and then add the rest of the pictures next week.

Through out Old Nauvoo during the day they have little vignettes that are put on by members of the Core Cast (that’s the paid cast that stays the whole five weeks) This one was the Youth of Zion and they told a few stories of the youth in Nauvoo. For those of you familiar with the stories the boys below were part of the whistling and whittling brigade, and the two girls are the two that saved the papers from the printing press when attacked by mobs.

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This was still just mid Tuesday and we hadn’t even seen the pageant yet! I already was loving every minute in Nauvoo and the best had yet to come!

Before the pageant they have a county style fair as they would have had in the 1940’s. There were all kinds of games, dancing, music and activities for people of all ages. There were missionaries EVERYWHERE. I LOVE It! I love the missionaries. They have such a great spirit about them. I just see their smiles, know of their sacrifices, feel of their love and my heart burns with love right back! I’m so grateful for those wonderful people.

The pageant; I can’t wait to post pictures. Tuesday night was our first night seeing it. It was A M A Z I N G. Not like the greatest production I have ever seen amazing, but same as the missionaries. This is a cast of ~150 people who sacrifice their time, and money to be there. The hours and hours in the hot, humid Nauvoo weather practicing in their long dresses and pants. And I could feel, even hundreds of feet away, the love they have for the pioneers and the gospel! I was pretty emotional during that first nights performance. By the end I was pretty much a mess, tears streaming constantly and my heart so full I could barely speak. I was privileged to take pictures of the pageant with my mom’s camera. I got to see up close the faces, the expressions, the tears, the sweat, and the love of those cast members. The stories told, the music shared, it was truly a magical, spiritual night! I loved after the pageant being able to walk around talking to people. There is just a spirit there that cannot be denied and I know those early saints were there, sharing that spirit with all those who attended.

Okay, so I think I have shared enough! I have so much more I want to tell, but I want to have the pictures too, so I’m going to do my best to have the pictures next week so I can finish telling you of my incredible experiences in Historic Nauvoo

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