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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Maybe finally putting my house together

So I'm still so sick of living in an undone house. From moving we are still not all the way moved in. There are still boxes of decor in every room driving me nuts, and even more annoying areas where my things haven't been organized yet. I can't stand it. But we have been so busy it's just not happening. So my goal has been to do something every day, hang something, put something away....SOMETHING! I'm not ready to really post pictures of the house yet, but I HAD to post this. The girls have a lot of bows. I'm sure you can imagine. They weren't fitting on the bow holder we had, (two of them actually) so I had been wanting to make a really big bow board. Golly am I glad I didn't waste my time. I decided to just put ribbon on the closet door so that we would have plenty of room to hang any new ones. Guess that aint going to happen.


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Just a few more cute pics of my babies.

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