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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Major Change!

WEll, something big has happened at the Duckworth house. Something that at least deserves it's own post and to be out of order and put to the top of what you will be getting from us this week!
After much contemplation, study, and prayer, Duck and I have felt that at this time we are to homeschool Maliyah. It's been months in the process and we have really felt strongly that at this time it's what we are supposed to do. Maliyah LOVES school and does well there, but for many reasons which I will not bore you with this has been our decision. This last Friday was Maliyah's last full day at Shasta Elementary and although she is really excited about homeschool, she loves her friends and teacher and leaving on Friday was hard.

Maliyah really has the best teacher who definitely gives her all to her kids in her class and Maliyah will definitely miss seeing her every day. The great part is that Maliyah still gets to go to the school during the week to participate in PE with the class. This way she can still see her friends and teachers occasionally.

I went to her school friday afternoon, gave each of the kids some valentine cookies and a little thank you to her teacher. Duck also had the idea of Maliyah handing out a card with her phone number, kinda like a business card so she could keep in touch with her friends. I thought it was a fabulous idea, but after the weekend of calls we have received I might change my mind!

Here is Maliyah with her wonderful teacher.

This is the can we decorated and filled with candy for Maliyah's teacher. Maliyah picked the candy and I didn't think of it until Duck mentioned it, but she picked airheads. I had to make sure her teacher knew that the candy had no meaning to it other than a treat that Maliyah happened to pick and that we think she is the greatest!


I loved the top of the can. I highlighted the picture within the print of the paper that had the mother with her children. I loved that since a huge reason I am homeschooling right now is to have my children with me. (For those that didn't already know Klamath doesn't offer 1/2 day kindergarten and 7 hours a day was LONG!)

That night Duck was gone with Kyson at a Scout Campout so Maliyah and I had a late night together. I didn't take enough pictures, but we did glitter nails (again...except this time I actually did my finger nails), we put together puzzles and watched a movie. This puzzle was actually quite difficult to put together and Maliyah was really proud that we did it and with NO missing pieces (since that's rare at our house).

I LOVE you Maliyah and I'm excited to homeschool you and have you with me more now!

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-Laura- said...

Awesome! I'm excited for you! I really wanted to home school Janelle through kindergarten (same thing, they only offer full-day here), but it just wasn't the right time for me. But I seriously have a lot of respect for people that do home school! I'm totally interested to see what you do with her!