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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fairy Dust Lollipops

Last Sunday night I had promised Maliyah we could make a treat out of this new cookbook she got from Grandma. It's THE Most darling book EVER and there are 5 more in the series! I totally want all 6 (hint hint mom!).

The Pink Ponies Cookbook.

So the recipe we chose to make was Fairy Dust Lollipops. Doesn't lollipop sound so much yummier than sucker?

Since we didn't have jolly ranchers or pretty candies on hand like the recipe used, we had to modify a bit, but we still had a ton of fun making them!

First you find hard candies in a variety of colors. We just happened to have some leftover in the cupboard from 3 years ago (they still taste fine according to Jayden.)

then you double bag it and hammer away until they are all crushed up (seperate baggies for each color).

Crushing faces required.

Of course if one or two candies makes it to your mouth in the process it's okay.

I went to help Jayden close his bag to start crushing and all his candies were gone.

Next you use a little bit of each color candy to create a circle or really any shape you want on a lined (I used foil) pan.

Melt in the oven for about 5-6 minutes, insert a lollypop stick,

let cool for about 30 minutes and then devour! Yum!

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