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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas morning, the afternoon was a little crazy trying to get ready to head out the door for an 11 hour drive, but it was all worth it!

First though I have to share how my Christmas morning went. I was up early, feeding a baby...just WAITING for everybody to wake up so we could start Christmas!
Then Jayden woke up. Young enough to not remember it's christmas so I kept him out of the living room and we just watched cartoons.
Then Maliyah woke up. It was still pretty early and since duck was going to have to drive through the night later that night I figured I would give him a little longer to sleep. So I had to convince Maliyah to wait a little bit longer! (nearly impossible for a 6 year old!)
Finally I told Maliyah it was time. I went in and woke up Duck tellin him I was just going to brush my teeth and for him to wake up Ky, grab the video camera and get the kids ready to read scriptures before we did gifts. When I came out of the bathroom what did I see?

Well I wish I had a picture....but Duck didn't wait. What did he miss? What did I say that he didn't catch? I don't know but because he DID miss it, so did I. I missed everything! The initial excitement, the wow factor, the this is amazing look on the kids face. And not only did I miss it but so did the video and camera. I didn't even know what to say! I had worked so hard on some gifts for the kids I wanted to be there, see how excited they were.

Duck tried to recreat it. He made the kids go out and come back in while he had the camera going. It was funny. Here is his conversation with Ky,
Duck: Kyson what did Santa bring you"
Kyson: Duh....a helicoptor

End of conversation. I just glared at duck and gave him that "did you really think the second time around would be as exciting?" look.

After that it was great. We went around watching everybody open their gifts and spent all morning playing with our toys!

Maliyah playing hopscotch in the hula hoops, wearing her dressups and Christmas Socks.

Oh and her pink tongue.

Coming up with yet another great game with our hula hoops.

Jayden opened his first present of cars and seriously was entertained for most of the rest of the gift opening.

This kid is going to be a pro before we know it!

Talking to Grandma & Grandpa

Showing off her Christmas Glitter nails!

Ky...very proud of his Christmas Socks. (Cooley...he is going to be just like you!)

SOOOOO soft!

Where did Jayden go!?

There he is! Hiding in the Fort! I made this in under an hour...nothing super creative like my cousin Brook....but for boys it's perfect!

Maliyah made this in school for mom and DAD! What a cute idea.

More Dress-ups

Jayden got a set of Mega Blocks...we spent forever playing with those things!

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