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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Breakfast @ Packers

We got drove into Layton early Saturday morning. Just in time to help my mom set up Christmas! Actually we got there pretty early so Duck was able to sleep for a little while before we had the family Breakfast. Everybody except my brother Jaron was able to be there. It was sooo fun for the kids to see everybody. They really love the family and miss them terribly while we are away!

After Breakfast we exhanged some gifts, but the kids also got to show off their christmas gifts and the skills associated with them!

My mom then suprised us all....see below

Yes, she...the only one out of all of us that could still shake hips well enough for that hula hoop to say up! And she was pretty good. Her and maliyah had fun Hooping together!

Part of our Gift exchange is a swap among the adults. The trick is that the gifts have to be Hand made. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to do this some day with my kids. That's how it was always growing up for us and I'm so glad we have kept it that way. Here is Duck with his gift from my mom. A set of scabble pieces for playing speed scrabble. I think we played that game non-stop the rest of the trip. I still see words everywhere and think of them now as scrabble words!

This is something we made at SuperSaturday I made. I gave one to my mom and Mother-in-law.

This is the stocking board that I made for my sister-in-law Shalamar. I also had made one for us...I'll post that picture with our finally finished stockings next week.

Duck had my brother Jaron and made him a clock...I don't think I ever did get a picture of it. And then My dad made me a necklace holder. I'll have to try to get a picture of that as well. i LOVE the the suprise of seeing what everybody has created. It would be fun to take pictures and post gifts given over the years.

Aunt Neenie with the girls. Janine just happened to have picked out the same fabric for her PJ pants as I did for my girls! Maliyah was just floored and thought it was the coolest that Neenie had the same pants!

Finally a picture with all four kids in their new PJ pants!

Later after finally showering and getting dressed we got to open the rest of our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. Gma really spoiled us this year. Thanks mom!

Also this is the new dress I made for Maliyah


Olivia...these two are just WAY too adorable. Their big eyes and long eylashes....I could kill for those eyelashes Ayden!

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