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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Tooth Fairy has finally visited our home!

Maliyah lost her first tooth this week! Kinda wierd for me, my first lost tooth too in away! Another phase of life I guess. The story is really funny though (okay not hilaroius, but still cute) I'm just going to paste what I had written in my journal.

Duck was gone at scouts and I was herding the kids down the stairs. Jayden starts out backwards on his belly like always shooting down so fast. Then Maliyah followed then Kyson, all racing to get there first. Just at the bottom kysons foot hit Maliyah in the mouth, she whined for a minute, then got over it. I had her and Ky go to wait in their rooms for me. I put Jade to bed, started a load of laundry then Maliyah was standing there holding her hand out, crying. She had lost her first tooth! I got all excited for her trying to make it a great fabulous thing, the tooth fairy coming and getting her tooth and that only made her cry worse. "I didn't want to lose my tooth, I didn't want Kyson to do that". Lol, it was so funny and sad, but just not quite how she had imagined losing it and she just wasn't ready! I sent her again to wait in her room while I put Ky to bed. 30 second later she came back and had a paper all ready to write a note to the tooth fairy! When I came into her room she had found a baggie and had the tooth all ready. We wrote a note and ya know what she asked for? A marble. that's right, a marble. I didn't even know she knew what a marble was! As we sat on her bed and talked a few more minutes she got emotional again, we talked about how I lost some of my teeth as a child and how I still have to get my wisdom teeth out (which of course she was very worried for me). So in the end sh ewas fine, I think excited a little bit, but mostly sad she had lost a part of her at a time she was not ready for! And of course then she noticed how it felt wierd, and I told her it would. But her big teeth are already growing in, so it won't be long before she will have her 'adult' teeth in place.

She is such a big girl and I can't believe I have a child old enough to be losing teeth. Where has time gone. I need to slow my self down a bit and enjoy my chicklets more!


As you can see her permanent teeth are totally coming in. The other front tooth is very loose, but she wants to let that one come out on her own.. We'll see how long that lasts...maybe we need to have another race down the stairs!


OH, update though from that night. She asked for Marbles, she got marbles and has been carrying them around in a little baggie every since! (actually they were little clear balls for floral decor that I just happened to have in my craft room! Shhhh....good thing she can't read this yet!)

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