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Sunday, December 6, 2009

sleepy Head

School has paid it's toll on Maliyah (or maybe it's the headband she insisted on wearing although it hurt my head just knowing how tight it was squeezing her head!). Most days she is cranky and exhausted until bed time and usually wakes up cranky because she still didn't get enough sleep. This last week she ended up in a timeout and I had her sit on a stool in my craft room while I was working on some things. After awhile I noticed she was being too quiet so I turned around. She had climbed into my craft closet and fallen asleep!!



Ya think this is a sign that full day Kindergarten is a little much for the child? If not wait until you hear what happened next. I let her sleep for about 20-30 minutes then made some popcorn for a snack. I went to wake her and she ended up histerical....screaming so hard she caused her self to gag and cough! I can't even remember what she was screaming, but said the same thing over and over for about 15 minutes, then changed her sentence and finished about another 15 minutes later!! My perfect, well manered 5 year old has turned into a tired, cranky, polite-less, rude, snotty 6 year old. Shhhhhh....don't tell her I said that! WE are working on implementing some things to hopefully help her...in the mean time pray for me to have patience!

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-Laura- said...

Poor thing!! And poor MOMMY!! Full-day kindergarten IS rough on those little kids. Janelle had a rough time the first half of kindergarten too, but she miraculously did way better the second semester. Good luck!