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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Positive Notes Recital

This week we had our Fall/Christmas recital and it went very well! It gets me excited to continue after Christmas break. The kids are so much fun, they seem to love it so much, and it's times like a recital that makes any hard moments so worth it! They looked so cute, were so excited and did a great job! I ended up holding it here at my house and that actually worked out really well. I think it just made it easier for everybody.

I have a couple parents who don't want their childs pictures on the blog so I just have this one to show, but just know the kids were cute, they did a good job and imagine 10 more of these darling faces with their mouths open wide holding the lOOOONg note at the end of Candle on the Water. They are great!


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