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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Potty Training

Well I'm sad to say Potty Training is now turning into exactly what I did NOT want it to turn into. I like to take my time potty training giving it my all attention. Well after 10 days of it, and it going very slowly, Jayden got sick. BAD timing. He wanted nothing to do with the potty, was crabby and just wanted to be held the next two days. I was really bummed about it because now, since I don't want to totally lose anything he learned we get to hang out in diapers, but still trying the potty throughout the day. Hopefully though things will just click and i won't have to set aside another 2 weeks to start over again!!


I found these little chipboard magnets at the $ store, had some metal and already cut wood so I made this little magnet board for Jayden. Later I went back to the store and found two more different sets of magnets I might use as potty prizes. Anyway the intention of making this was something new to play with while potty training....oh well. The kids still love it!


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