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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Update 10-11 through 10-18-09

This week we had two days with no school and it was so fun! AND...

Maliyah has behaved so much better after being home. It hurts to know that her behavior is related to being at school so much. I promised I would wait it through kindergarten before deciding about homeschooling, but it's going to be a long year to wait when I already know what I want to do! Oh well. She has been really sweet and fun to have around this weekend...I can't wait until the next break from school!

We still had our normal days, Monday Cleaning day, Tuesday music classes and my meetings. WEdnesday though I was finally able to move onto extra things on my list to do and that always feels good. Since starting my music classes on Tuesdays, Tackle Tuesday has become a thing of the past, but I want to come up with something else, maybe for Wednesdays, but something to motivate me, something to get me going on a project I might not pick up otherwise! (But then again when am I NOT working on some kind of project!?)

Thursday was when Maliyah was out of school so she got to go to Preschool with Kyson. They had a really good time, Thanks Christy! In the mean time I went to a meat sale and purchased more meat (beef, chicken, and pork) than I have in my life!! But when it's .99 cents a pound....ya can't not do it!

Friday Duck came home from work early so we could do a little family stuff. The kids colored some bird houses they had made months ago at Home Depot and put them outside with seeds. We have yet to see birds in there, but when I do I'll take some pictures and post! Then we joined some friends at their home for an outside wienie roast! It was so much fun, the kids had a blast and relaxing! The weather this weekend was super nice and way fun. Thanks Seavers for having us! (and of course I forgot my camera to the event!)

Saturdy was church meetings, yard work and then date night, yay! It was a good week, not too stressful, and I feel I kept up with my responsibilities. I love those kinds of weeks! I hope this post finds you all in good health and good company and we love you all!

This picture is of the kiddos watching a movie. We slept in on Friday, watched cartoons and had pancakes. Savannah is already taking after her brothers and loves a good movie! I think this one is Goofy Movie!



Karman said...

Wow - super mom! That much in one week is a great accomplishment even if it's mundane. You make even the most simple of things special!

becky and placido said...

Awh... I'm sorry your daughter's not loving school... My kids LOVE it. The love being home too, but really enjoy school. Sounds like a great week! Love you and we miss you!!! So when are you moving here? ;)

The Duckworth Family said...

becky, unfortunately the problem isn't her not likeing school, she LOVES it! I don't like it! She really hasn't been totally horrible, but just the influence of other kids, lack of constant discipline has caused her to be less polite, less well mannered, less patience when she comes home which I'm sure is because all the sudden she can't get away with as much! I just spent a day at her school and it was great! She was behaving well, but she definitely spirals down when around silly kids, getting silly herself and then getting into trouble. Today was good to see what triggers her and where she is good and what the kids are like she is hanging out with so that we can talk about it a bit more at home. Also me having more patience has really made a huge difference.

And as far as moving there....I wish it were tomorrow! I can't wait to try somewhere new, but mostly to finally find somewhere, settle and buy a house! love ya!