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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday - Primary Program

So as I just mentioned our primary program was today. I was a little nervous for it. Preparing for it was a little rocky as I was gone for two weeks in Utah while preparations were in the works. But the kids all did amazing and behaved pretty good. I also haven’t had a pianist, or a chorister, so I had to prepare for music time today(as well as leading for the program). Although it was just one more thing on top of all I had to do this week, I was happy to have that chance! I love teaching the kids, but especially music! If I could pick my favorite calling I think it would be to be the music leader in primary! Since it was our program day we just played a game, sang silly songs and had a good time. Then of course I put together little treat baggies for the kids to take home. They deserved it! It was a busy and slightly hectic morning, but in the end a good one and I am very grateful for those kids, for my calling in primary and for the things I have learned while serving in there.


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