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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update week 7-5 through 7-12-09

I don't have much posted this week. I love it when I can have a lot of pictures and tell you about all the fun things we did...but I don't! We did keep busy....when do we not, and I really tried hard to do some fun things with the kids, I just guess not anything too thrilling to record by taking pictures!

Maliyah finished off her swimming lessons again and did really well. She was working to complete level two, and didn't quite make it. But she is very optimistic and wants to work hard to get to level three. She loves it, tells everybody about it and the best thing of all.....Jayden happily stays in the child watch now! I think that going every day has really helped him realize that I am going to come back. I finally stopped checking on him (I'm sure much to the care takers dismay) and after a couple of days he started doing better and better. I was hoping last Sunday he would have done well in Nursery at church...nope. BUt today....he did! He walked right in, found the cars and I walked right out and he played the whole rest of church. Hallelujah!

We have kept up with the reading program at the library and went again wednesday. I actually did wish I took pictures this day because they had a couple there doing some music that they had written. It was pretty funny, very entertaining and the kids loved it, dancing and singing a long. They remind me every day we have to get our reading done and it's been good for me because I count doing school so it pushes me to spend more time with them working on their reading skills.

I really know there is so much more I wanted to tell about this week....but I failed to write in my journal all week so I can't go back to refresh my memory and I just really can't remember! I did finally start working on some scrapbooking again and it's been great! Maybe next week I'll post some of the pages I have completed. Oh! And I did start an online photoshop class which has been a blast. Maybe next week I'll also post some of the project pictures. Some of the things I have learned....were pretty basic...but then there has been some parts of photoshop that I had no idea existed and has been soooo cool to use! I'm excited to share them with you when I complete the class.

Oh! 3 weeks left! I can't wait to hold baby and just hug and kiss her, but also to have my family visiting! We are so excited!

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