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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little man is a bowler!

WE had a full and busy day yesterday among which was bowling, pictures below.

After Kyson's t-ball game I mentioned to Duck about doing some kind of family activity since him and Kyson were ditching us to go to some car races wtih some friends. We drove around until we decided we would go bowling. We show up to the alley and they don't open until 11:00, since we had been out for a 9:00 t-ball game...it was still just after 10! So we drove around trying to come up with something else to do, stopped by the rainbow store (grocery outlet) for some treats and finally decided to just go back and wait for bowling to open.

The kids LOVE bowling and I had forgotten that for the summer kids can bowl for $1.00, so it only cost #3.00 to go! Yay! We also got lunch while we were there and tried to make a morning activity of it. Still it didn't take more than an hour, but the kids had a blast. While there our friends called and invited us to join us for bbq-ing and water play at their house. It was a rough time, but we decided to go anyway. Luckily Jayden took a nap at their house. The other two can make it through okay, but Jayden would dye and pretty much be a pill without his naps!

We had a fun afternoon just relaxing, talking and playing with friends. Shortly after we got home Duck and Ky got to head out for the races so it was just me, Maliyah and Jayden. We watched Charlotte's Web, had Raspberry sherbet and I sent them off to bed early! It was then that the thoughts of labor came into my mind. What if I went into labor right now, what would I have to get ready? Well let's just say I was not prepared! I spent the little while making my packing list, birthing plan and list of what I still want to get done before labor begins! It was good, but at the same time really opened my eyes to how I'm not quite ready for labor to happen yet! Totally ready for Savannah to be here, not ready to spend a couple days in the hospital, for company to be at my house, and to bling out my baby. HOw pathetic is it that I have yet to make one bow or piece of Jewelry for my baby yet? I'm disspointing I know....I have saved Maliyah's things, but poor baby needs to have a little sumthin of her own! I'm going to be busy the next couple of days!

Jayden has totally gotten the hang of bowling. He can carry the 6 and 8 pound ball on his own and just is totally in control when it's his turn. It cracks me up for how young he is! I had to really keep an eye on him that he wasn't rolling balls down other lanes!





I almost forgot. A little over a week ago when I was leaving early morning for the GYM I saw an animal jump down from the corner of our fence. I stopped the car and watched for a minute thinking maybe it was a racoon, but then saw three other little somethings jump down as well. Immediately I thought they were cats, great we have cats living in our wood pile. I mentioned it to Duck but since then neither of us had seen a cat around so I blew it off thinking they were just passing through.

Well yesterday Duck mentioned that he saw some cats and kittens as well and they probably were living near our yard.

This morning proved it. Duck opened the blinds to the back yard and sleeping in the middle of our yard were some cats. I quickly grabbed the camera and although we tried to open the door quietly they were fast. Officially there is momma and four kittens. I don't even know where to start thinking of what to do with them. We can't have pets and Duck swears he is allergic to cats so if we WERE to have a pet, it WOULDN'T be a cat, and certainly not 5 of them....so we gotta come up with something.


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