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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday my first POst! 6-30-09

This last week when I found a tutorial for sewing a simple top, one commenter on the blog had made one and I wanted to see how it turned out. I linked to her blog and it was a cute blog! But what I loved was she does Tackle it Tuesday. Now I know a lot of people out there do the same thing, but I guess I just don’t see it much on blogs and the way she had it set up was just cute. But pretty much Tuesdays she accomplished something extra, sewing, crafting, organizing, cleaning….and then would take pictures of well, even before and after of organizing her food pantry.

Not only did I love the idea for the sake of getting extra things done, but documenting it so you don’t feel like you NEVER get extra things done! Think if you stuck to it, after one year you would have gotten 52 extra things tackled! I thought about if it was always an organizing or cleaning thing…wow! My house might actually be clean, but that can get boring. So I decided I’m going to start my own Tackle it Tuesday posts every week with my blog updates. Hope this doesn’t bore you, but I’m excited after a year to go back and see all that I have accomplished just by an extra little thing on Tuesdays!

So this week I made that simple top! Well outfit. My friends little girls’ birthday was coming up and I thought it would be fun to make her an outfit. I found this halter top tutorial and had so much fun making it that I later tried to use the pattern to make a dress for Maliyah. Well, Loved learning how to make bias tape, the outfit turned out fab, but I was getting a little too sure of myself, didn’t measure Maliyah at all for the dress and it turned out awful big. Either way I learned something new and had fun doing it!

Ashley wore her new outfit on the 4th of July and we ran into them at the Street Fair and she looked so cute! I was happy that it fit her well.

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Jaime said...

super cute, I just made 4th of July dresses for my girls and they too turned out huge! Chalk it up to growing room!

Danielle said...

You're to kind! I've actually been quite the slacker lately with projects, to many vacations (not complaining, though). But I do LOVE Tackle it Tuesdays!

Love the outfits you made- Very CUTE!!!