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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Update 6-22 through 6-28-09


Sorry I just had to say that first off! (not like I"m counting or anything :))

It's been a fun week, with lots going on and lots of fun for the kids, which equals fabulous naps for us all!

Tue through Friday we had something going on in the mornings! Tue and Thurs park days, WEd library day, and Friday playdate with friends. Each day the kids came home and crashed until 4:00!! I got some good rest in myself which was sorely needed!

Monday night for FHE we had a fun little lesson on Free Agency. The lesson was actually from a sharing time but I loved the way the put it across for young kids. We talked about how we get to make our own choices, but they are either good or bad and we can choose. There were cute stories with good and bad endings and then little shining star badges the kids got to wear to remind them to make good choices and then we sang of course, 'I am like a star shining brightly'. All week the kids have remembered this lesson and there have been a few times where I would catch Maliyah REALLY thinking about what she is about to do....pause, then say I think I'll make a good choice, then act on it. I was so happy to see them really think about this lesson and learn from it! Definitely one we will be repeating! (especially since I spent an hour coloring the pictures for the stories and making and laminating the badges!). Anyone intersted in the lesson I would be happy to scan the materials and email them to you!

WEdnesday night was Ky's T-ball and I really wanted to do something with the family so I met Duck with the kids after t-ball and we went swimming, in fact Tuesday night we all hung out too, so two nights in a row! The kids had a blast swimming and I'm glad that we did that.
WEd. I actually did the library, which I never do and we did something new....we got our FIRST library card and checked out two books! I had to limit it for the beginning, to see how things would go. We also signed up for the summer reading program which will be fun for the kids and good for me to spend more time doing school and reading with them.

OH, another new thing this week, a bummer though, I started swelling. Yuck! I took off some socks and had the indented line on my ankle. So I'm going to keep trying really hard to take mini walks through the day and elevate my feet at least twice during the day. And of course drink lots of water and watch my diet more closely. I hope it works!

I also had my dr appointment and bummer again I gained 5 pounds! I was so sad, it was only over 3 weeks so I should have max gained like 3, so my goal is by next appointment to have maintained, then I'll be back on track. HOw pathetic, over 31 weeks I only gain 8 pounds, then in just 3 weeks I gain 5!!

I also have to say a little about Duck. He is a guy, he does guy things, he is a great dad, a good husband, we had a wonderful Fathers Day with him this last week, but because he is a guy sometimes he fails to maybe see my needs, the houses needs which become my needs, or just simple things that need to be done(okay so I shouldn't genearalize....women do the same...I guess sometimes we just expect a perfect spouse? What was I thinking! It's a growing process!). This week he has been awesome, getting to work, getting things done, and helping me out (he actually does this a lot I just don't always recognize him for it). Last night very willingly he cut and routed some wood for me (well for someone else that I was suposed to do!), and then I came home last night and he had done more of my ironing. This morning while I was at the GYM I was thinking about it and really how when I do things for Duck, I often think about how much I love him and want to impress him and that drives me to do things, and I'm sure it was the same way, so to think of him doing those things for me, building my vertical supports for my garden, things that I specifically want done, I think he must be thinking the same thing, how much he loves me and wants to impress me and do things for me. It really made me happy and want to do the same thing back! Duck I love you and totally appreciate you so much!

So my goal this week is to serve my family more willingly and unselfishly!

OKay so that was long, probably more than you all wanted to hear, but I guess I have a lot on my mind today! I hope this weeks update finds you all in good health and happiness! We love to hear from you and love to hear what you have been up to, so leave a comment, or let us know when you have updated your blogs! Thanks steve too for sending so many pictures of events, it really helps us feel closer to you all!


Melissa and Luke said...

I want you to email me that lesson when you get a chance. It sounds really cute. I am always looking for new ideas. melissamarti322@yahoo.com

How are you doing any way. We are at the home stretch aren't we. Yay:)

Miss K said...

camille, your a great mom and wife! i totally want to be like you someday! :)

The Duckworth Family said...

YOur so sweet Kelda.thanks!

Mike and Megan said...

Camille, I have no idea how you have so much energy! You get so much accomplished. I'm always looking for ideas for fun FHE ideas, send away.

Glad you're excited to get the baby here, but you crack me up with your hardly any weight gain, I'm a little jealous.