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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week Update 6-1 through 6-7-09

Ya know, it’s been a weird week. I don’t even feel like I have much to say, I am trying to not dwell on the negative, so I’ll try to mention the positive and leave anything else minimal!

Being the last week of school here, I was feeling the excitement coming from everyone else, but not really feeling it much ourselves only because it doesn’t really effect us a ton….we don’t go to school! And I plan on continuing school with the kids throughout the summer, so our days pretty much stay the same!

It’s also been raining most of the week which is awesome because we NEVER get rain here, but it also puts a damper on the exciting spring spirit that enters the kids and makes them antsy to be outside constantly. WE had to be really creative this week to keep entertained.

I had a Dr appointment on Wednesday. All is well and an amazing moment…..I lost weight! Hurray! I honestly was worried I had gained like 5, so I was not just relieved, but totally shocked to see the scale go down! I was still measuring big and so went on to my ultrasound on Thursday. Everything looked great with baby, and she is measuring herself about a week big. The greatest part was when I saw her face, she looked like Jade and had chubby cheeks! Already! That’s crazy to see because typically at this point they still haven’t put on a lot of fat, that’s usually done the last 4-6 weeks. So we’ll have a big baby girl! (And that helped answer a lot of other questions as to clothing and if we have enough for the size and season!).

Yesterday Duck was golfing, supposed to be in a tournament which they cancelled due to all the rain, but him and his buddies still golfed. So I needed to get the kids out. I didn’t really have any money to spend, but I called up my friend Kimberly and her and her son Payton went with us to Medford. All we really did was play at a park, but the weather was beautiful and it was just exciting to go somewhere different. The kids had a good time and it was fun to have Kimberly and Paytons company.

One last bit of news that has affected my week is we finally confirmed we will not be going on our trip to New Mexico any more. It’s really a bummer as this was going to be our one family vacation this summer and we really had arranged a lot of things around it. I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with the kids that week so we have something to look forward to, but I don’t want to be traveling too far on my own this far in my pregnancy, and Duck can’t go with us at all, so we are kinda limited. We’ll see what comes up!

I just have two pictures this week, one of baby girl and her chubbiness, and then one of Jade. I have this board next to the computer desk with leftover bows and jewelry and headbands on it. Frequently he comes in and wants to try one on and it’s just hilarious. This time I decided to take a picture because he always has to have like 10 bows on the headband, not just one or two….many. And this time he even wanted another headband and bracelet. Silly boy!




Hunsaker Family said...

so cute! love the chubby cheeks! although, you can see it better than anyone else! love ya! sorry about the trip plans!

Steven and Savannah said...

Aw, I'm sorry you're not going to New Mexico anymore! I didn't know you were going in the first place but that stinks! :( Camille, your kids are so cute. I love that picture of Maliyah (I feel like I spelled that wrong. Sorry) Her hair is BEAUTIFUL!