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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The 33 week belly!

This was just one of the dresses I had made, but I wanted to take pictures of it ON. It worked out pretty good, next time I'll make it a little longer, but Maliyah was super excited to wear it.


The bows of course to match! Didn't get a bracelet done in time for church, but she also has some that totally match fine so don't think I'll be adding to her collection for this outfit.


And the finally awaited, although not super fabulous, belly shot. I had Maliyah take it while we were outside getting her pictures, and the truth....I wasn't wearing a bra. Maybe too much info, but that's the truth why it's literally JUST a belly shot. As you can see though, I'm huge, and round and just two days away from six weeks left!



Jess to the Lo said...

LOVE the belly shot, looks very artistic.

The Duckworth Family said...

I'll have to tell Maliyah that!