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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Update 5-25 through 5-31-09

I'll try this post to be brief and not bore you all with what keeps me busy, but I'll just say...it was a busy week! I'm exhausted today and really didn't feel like blogging at all, but thought about getting behind and that motivated me a lot! I'm behind on sleep because I was dumb and stayed up ridiculously late Friday night, but I'm going to bed early tonight....for real!

We did have fun this week spending a lot of time as a family, riding bikes, playing in sprinklers, watching thunderstorms and enjoying the super warm weather. WE had swimming lessons start and were at the park twice! (LIke that's a ton, but with everything else this week it was!)

Swimming lessons was a big deal as it was Maliyah's first and she did awesome (I took a picture with my phone, but I'll bring my camera next time), but a big deal for me because it's the first of I'm sure many, extracurricular activities for my kids to participate in. I have NEVER signed them up for ANYTHING!! I kinda liked it that way, and although I have started and everybody warns me that this is just the beginning....I guess I'm not really going to be that fab mom that lets her kids do everything and try everything. I already am about to have a fourth, want at least five kids, and we want to adopt. Needless to say we are going to have a big family, I want that, and I don't think those kids will be deprived of a good life just becasue they don't get to play a sport every year, or do swimming or gymnastics every year. They will have opportunities, but I want to make sure they know what is more important are the activities we participate in together as a family. So we'll see to what extent I let my kids get in volved in that kind of stuff, but it probably won't be tonz. My kids will learn how to swim, how to play the piano, and after that we will have to really discuss to what extent we do extra things but for now, Ky will do a 6 week t-ball course and that's good enough for the year for me! (I know, I'm goign on about this way too much...it's just a big change for me!)

I also have a HUGE apology to make out there. I am sick by what I did, or didn't do. But I have a personal blog that is my journal. It's where I write EVERYTHING good and bad. And yes, I"m human and negative thoughts run through my head about people and sometimes if I can vent then I get over it. Well so that I won't vent to people as much, I vent to myself via this blog. Well the intent of course that NOBODY EVER would read it. Well today just out of curiosity I wanted to make sure it was set that ONLY I could read it and guess what? It wasn't. I about wanted to curl up and die. Who knows who has read it, who has read about something I said about somebody else, butI wanted to die. OKay, it's not like I write totally horrible things, but I always try my best to just always say good things about others, to treat them with kindness, and I would NEVER ever intend for somebody to read that and they coudl have! So, anything on there, I'm probably over it. If you read something and I was whiney about something, I"m probably over it. That's why it was there, for me to vent on and get over it. So if you were the unfortunate person to read on my personal JOurnal blog....I TOTALLY apologize and hope that you don't think I'm awful for something that I wrote or thought of and wrote on there! (again it's not all bad stuff, I really try to write everything goin on, even the good, but lots of times when I'm frustrated that's where I go). So, again I'm sorry!

And if now you don't all think I'm a terrible, horrible no good very bad person, read on and enjoy our pictures and activities of the week!


Nate said...

Lol, well, I wasn't the one to read your personal blog, but what were you thinking putting that stuff online in the first place! :-0

Kristy said...

I don't even keep a venting journal because I'm afraid that someone may find it some day after I die. Then everyone will know what I was really thinking. Hopefully nobody read yours! BTY, love the latest picture of Maliyah. Did your mom take it?