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Sunday, April 5, 2009

UPdate weeks 3-23 through 4-5-09

I’m sorry it’s been two weeks. I’m slacking, but I think this was the last thing on my mind this week to get done! Last week I didn’t really have much to report anyway, but by Sunday night when I would normal post, I was miserably sick. And sad to report I have been miserably sick all week!

It started with Jayden and a little cough and a runny nose last weekend. By Saturday night I was feeling a sore throat coming on. At first during the day as I was feeling stuffy I just blamed it on allergies. It’s the season and I always get them, so it was normal for me to think that. But once I started feeling the sore throat coming on I knew it wasn’t allergies. It just progressively got worse during the night and I woke up miserable! I didn’t have too much of a cough at this point, but golly I can’t remember the last time I hurt like that, and of course when I did cough I felt like I was going to die!

I made it through church okay, but during the day I just felt worse and worse. By Monday night I thought it might be getting a little better so I tried the GYM Tuesday morning. Big mistake! I felt awful that morning, just exhausted and crappy. Throughout the week the sore throat went away, but then the cough progressed and turned into a congestive cough. My body started aching and my exhaustion level was amazing.

I’m now still at that point, but my body aches more than ever! It’s now in my back and my chest when I breath and just coming up the stairs hurts! Changing positions when I’m laying down hurts!

So therefore why I have totally been MIA this week. I honestly have done nothing! I have spent a ton of time resting, because if I don’t it’s much worse. I barely got Laundry semi done by Wednesday (although there is still one load sitting in the dryer). We went to Medford with Duck on Thursday which didn’t turn out quite as bad as I thought it would, but I was still pretty worn out.

Why we were in Medford. I think I mention it in more detail below, but basically he helps the Medford store with their Inventory and they put him up in a Hotel so the kids and I go.

For anybody also not in the know, we have been looking for a new car. We love the expedition, but in August we will have four kids in car seats and that car just isn’t practical for us at this time. It’s a gas eater, and I can’t even fit a stroller in the back when I have the 3rd row in, which will be always when the baby comes. And with two kids under two, gosh darn it I’ll need my stroller!

We also had a goal to pay off our vehicle and be debt free as that as concerned. Between Ducks Profit Sharing Check this year and Taxes we were going to be able to do it!

We had seen a van on Auto Trader in Medford and decided to check it out when we went up there on Thursday. It was a really good deal, just what Duck was looking for but a little older, but we had discussed that option already and were okay with it. We checked it out, liked it and decided we wanted to buy it, but we still had to sell our car. I didn’t want to put us in a position where we felt rushed to sell our car, but we also didn’t want to pass up this van. They of course pressured us into trading. WAY pressured us, but I didn’t want that at all (not to mention the bad feeling in side) because then we would be paying extra. They were only willing to give us $2800 for the EX and we had it listed for $6,000!! We would go from making money, to losing money…no way. And of course when we said no to the trade but we would take the van, the guy totally gave us that look and shake of the head like, alright, but good luck selling it. Not to mention we were there for 3 ½ hours!! Mostly because he kept saying he was going to crunch numbers and see what he could do for us with the Trade. By the time we left I was feeling so crappy and so ready for bed! But very happy for our decision.

WE loaned $4,000 to get the van and were done. It felt good to have made that decision, but wait until you hear the outcome! The next day, Friday morning Duck got a call from a guy who saw our add on Craigs list and wanted to see the Expedition. We arranged to meet that afternoon after we got back from Medford. They came, they saw it, they left to look at some other cars, and called back an hour to say they wanted it! So we sold the Expedition! I can’t wait until we send in the money to Hertz and they see that we sold it the next day! Hah! We feel very blessed and know that because we followed the counsel to do our best to rid ourselves of debt that we WERE blessed.

We got the title in the mail Saturday and they came and picked up the car and gave us the check today. Our Expedition is gone. I feel a little sad about it as I really did like that car, but we like the van, the kids think it’s “cool” and it will save me some money on my trips!

The rest of the trip in Medford was fun, I totally didn’t dress for the weather, it was freezing, and I was tired, cold and sick, but I was happy to see the kids having a good time. I was able to run a bunch of errands which I never have time for in Medford and we got back home at a decent hour. My only regret is I would have loved to have gone to the temple, but we hadn’t really arranged to do that.

This weekend was conference and it was nice to relax a little and hear the words of the prophet and his apostles! The kids were pretty good when they had to be, but it was nice that they napped and played downstairs during the afternoon sessions. I learn so much from conference and love when I can have that peace and quiet to watch, and yet I want them to grow up knowing it's important for them too. So at this point and age we have them sit through the morning sessions. It think that's reasonable for their ages! Hope all of you that watched got as much out of it as I did!

Sorry this is so long, but I guess when there is 2 weeks to catch up on, it gets long! Congrats if you are still reading this! I leave for Utah in one week and just hope I can kick this illness. (I’m thinking it’s bronchitis, but haven’t called the DR yet). I’m super excited to go, but totally stressed about how behind I am on everything since I just wasted a week being in bed. Speaking of bed I’m totally ready for it now. Hope you area all doing well and we love hearing from you! Even if it’s just a simple comment on the blog. Love you!


Kristy said...

Sorry that you've been sick! Hope you feel better soon! Congrats on selling your vehicle and purchasing another. Vans are so much easier, definitely not as cool, but very convenient! Have fun in UT!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on being debt free and selling your Expedition and getting your new van!! Exciting!!!! We recently did the same thing! It feels amazing to not have a car payment! Thank you tax return! =) We miss our CRV but its all good. We got a toyota avalon. Sooo roomy but being low to the ground is kinda wierd! =) I'm glad the kids love the van!

Hope you feel better soon!

becky and placido said...

I'm sorry you are sick and have been for a while. I'd LOVE for you to visit! We are goint to take a trip to Oregon, to the coast in June or July as well, so I wanted to see about stoping in to see you guys too! Email me your PH#~~!!!

Miss K said...

bummer that you've been sick!! yay for being righteous and following the prophet and have so much FUN in UTAH!!! i'm jealous!!! and can't wait to hear about it!

Karman said...

Sorry you're feeling crapy. Wish I was there to help you, of course you're probably better by now! hopefully! Love you

Herways in Brussels said...

Congrats on debt free status. More people should have that goal!

Jaime said...

Hey, how was Utah? And I think you should post belly pic's!!