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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caching up! Updating from January through Feb. 14th 2009

So I'm so behind. I really had a goal to post my week, weekly, but my life has been thrown for a loop this pregnancy. Good news though! I'm starting to feel better, have a little bit more energy and I can eat Vegetables and chicken again without gagging! Although brushing my teeth is a whole other story!

Keep reading below, as a reminder I post in order of events, so you will be starting where we left off....January, and then the last post was for yeterday, Valentines which you will want to read about my crazy kids in that one! It's long, but worth the read. (I think anyway)

We are doing pretty good, just trying to keep up with everything and still keep sane. LIke I said though, things are getting better so I'm hoping to start catching up on all the things I have gotten so behind on. Although i have good news to share! I had been working really hard on losing weight, which being pregnant doesn't slow me down in my efforts although it sure slows down the process. But I am happy to say I have finally reached a 15 pound loss! I'm hoping to not gain any until I'm 20 weeks and then just watch the gain really closely. I have so much more to lose after this pregnancy so I'm trying to keep my motivation up! I also love that the Jeans that have been so tight lately, fit more loose now at 15 weeks prego, than they did before I got pregnant! Yay!

Hope that everybody had a wonderful Valentines weekend!

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talcivar said...

Duck and Camille,
You have such a cute family! I hope we stay in touch! Duck i've missed you old friend!! Love all your pics