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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My little Lotion Alien

So Friday night I also had a friend coming over to work on some things, supposedly after kids were in bed. Duck had to run and get some things at his store and left after again thinking kids were in bed. Well they weren't asleep and kept coming upstairs over and over. I hate it when they do that and pretty much just ignore them! Well not ignore, but keep telling them to go down and when Ky says he pooped his pants, then I say too bad, go to bed! Well Duck comes home and goes down to check on them. he was down there for a few minutes so after my friend left I went down to check on them. Duck was standing at the bottom of the stairs and after a few seconds moved over and this is what I saw:

Ky not only pooped his pants but had completely covered himself with baby lotion (along with half his bed and much of the carpet.)

I couldn't hold it in, I just had to laugh. Duck got mad at me saying I should have held my emotions and laughed somewhere else, but he looked so pathetic I couldn't help it!

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The Petrini Post said...

LOL! I'm laughing because that is something my Ben would have done...and I will pray hard that he never does. I bet that was fun to clean up. :)