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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snowfall eventually must come! 11-6-08

This last week, well actually it's been almost two weeks now, we had a our first snow fall. It was a prety good one and lasted about 3-4 days, then followed by a lot more moisture!

I wasn't sure though how long it would keep snowing so the first day I let Kyson and Maliyah go out in the snow first thing. I had't really gone through our winter gear so I was lucky to have found the basics for them to use. They had a good time, but came in soaking wet!

This is the view from the backyard. If I would have been thinking properly I would have stepped 10 feet to the right and then you all could have seen Mt Shasta! WE have an awesome view of it.

Out ready to make snow Angels! They were so excited for that for some reason....as if that was the only thing to do in the snow!

The day after that first snow, and after it continuing to snow, I decided to pull out the winter box and go through and remove too small items, and see what could fit. Jayden joined me so I had to try some things on him to see what sizes were going to work. He was a trooper being all bundled up from head to toe in a warm house. But he still was moving okay despite the layers! And even though his snowpants are a size 2T and they and his boots are girls....I was happy to have found everything in is size. Including the coat and gloves! Yay!

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