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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween 10-31-08

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! WE had such a fun halloween night! AFter doing pictures and having dinner (the traditional pizza and home made rootbeer!) we finally, after much anticipation from both kids but especially Kyson, we went trick or treating! Ky actually hated wearing any of his costume except the sword, but for candy, he was ready to do anything! We only hit a few houses on our street as the kids got tired and cold quickly, but they were pros! We didn't dress super warm because it was really been great weather and really warm, but of course it had rained the night before and gotten windy, so therefore much colder that anticipated.

Thanks to my Mother-in-law I have some really fun Halloween Decorations!
She always seems to find the cutest stuff for my Birthday, Thanks Linda!

Home Made Root Beer....Yummy!

I had little goody buckets for each of the kids to start the night off. As if they weren't going to get enough candy anyway!

Maliyah saw on our face paint kit that there was a girl with sparkly design on her face, so she wanted it too, I figured what the heck! It's really not the greatest make-up, and I'm not a make up artist! But I thought it turned out okay.

Jayden with his bucket ready for the heavy haul of candy!

We traditionally like to have a little party with friend on Halloween, but last year our WArd Party was on Halloween and this year we just decided we would keep it to us. I still planned out some fun activities though and really they were fun! We played a game where Duck and I had to throw candy corn into the kids cauldrons and they loved it so much I think we played it three diffferent times through the night!.

Another game we planned was donuts on a string. Maliyah was just totally crazy aobut this game, kept talking about how we have to do it without our hands! And her and Kyson really did good! She was totally into it! I was having a hard time, but mostly because I was laughing so hard at her! I finally had to pull out the camera and take some video it was so funny.

Yay! Kyson finally got a bite!

Another one of our activites was Caramel apple bites. WE used a melon baller to make small apple bites, covered with Caramel then dipped in goodies. I think we maybe actually ate one or two, but mostly it was just for the fun, we had at that point already had enough junk to eat! If you want to see exactly how we made them click here to my sister-in-laws recipe blog.

At the end of the night Maliyah had white crusty stuff all over her face. When I got closer I realized it was the glaze from the donut game that had dried onto her face! It was relaly such a fun night, the kids had so much fun, so did we! The best part though was when we were settling down to a movie and Maliyah talked about how special of a night it was and that they get to have a late night and how it was just us! I never really though about that. I guess I have many events and have people over all the time, that it was more special to be just us! But that is special, thanks Maliyah for reminding me!

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