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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mazama vs. Henley Football 9-26-08

Another late post...sorry, but last friday night, a week ago, we decided to go the high School's homecoming game. WE hadn't taken the kids to any sports events here (there aren't too many exciting ones!) so we thought this would be fun! And it was! The kids loved it and were so dang excited. There are kids in our ward that go to both of the schools that were playing, but one boy in our ward actually played on one of the teams so we sat with that school. It was super fun, he got two touch downs int he first quarter and all the excitement was fun for the kids. WE only stayed through half time because by then it was pretty late and Jayden was totallly ready for bed. As we were leaving and Maliyah could still hear the cheers and announcer and band, she was totally sad because the "show" wasn't over yet! She said she "missed football." It was pretty cute and we promised we would try to go to another one if the weather was good.

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