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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bay Beaches 10-9-08

After DUck was finished with his meeting for that day we went to check out what beaches were near Coos Bay. I researched a little bit about the area before the trip so I knew what there was to see. When we had gone to the coast last year we went to the central coast and we were starting toward the southern coast here. I have to tell you there is so much to see on the Oregon Coast. If you are ever wanting a different family vacation...this is it! It's beautiful all times of the year, there is lots of wild life...plenty to do (unless you are in a smokey casino without a car on a rainy day!) and every part of the coast is so differnt you could start from the top and travel down and every mile would be a new adventure!

This day since the rain had subsided we took the kids to some of the beaches on the bay area. We really only got out to explore one as it was getting late and dinner time, but we had fun looking for sea shells and crabs. We didn't see any live crabs but we found plenty of shells. WE aldo found a star fish....but this wasn't any ordinary star fish. They are common on the coastal beaches...but our star fish was.......


I was so excited we found a star fish then picked it up and it was plastic! I was so bummed, but to Maliyah it was still a treasure and was the one thing she picked out to keep that day!

OUr Treasures!

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