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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peaches, Peaches and more peaches!

So I was feeling very domestic today as I endeavored to make my own Peach Jam. I went out with the kids and picked two more bowls of peaches to add onto the many bowls sitting on our counter, just waiting to have something done with!

I blanched them and peeled them and pitten them, and when I was done with that process I figured it was about 200 peaches! And then of course after I cleaned up that mess I realized that i forgot a whole bowl of peaches!

Here are my peeled peaches. They were pretty small peaches, about the sizes of apricots, but I had never seen peaches peeled this way before and never thought that the coloring stays even when the peel is gone!

When I finished dicing all those peaches I had two huge bowls full!! I made my first batch of freezer jam and didn't realize how much it made from so small amount of peaches. I freaked out! What was I going to do with all these peaches! I was out of pectin already, and nearly out of Sugar! Duck saved my butt though and ran and got me tonz more sugar and pectin. I still in the end ran low on pectin and had to do triple the peaches for double the pectin, so I pray it worked. But I just did that one batch of freezer jam and cooked and canned the rest.

In the end I have 3 tupperwear, and 6 baby jars (for gifts) of freezer jam and about 20 pint size jars of canned jam. Actually about 6 of them I changed the recipe to possibly be a pie filling. I didn't use the exact recipe I used on line so we'll see if it works. All in all, I'm done canning for awhile!


Amy said...

Wow! That is so impressive! And it sounds so yummy! I'm jealous. *smile* ~Amy

Ashley said...

You are a brave, busy woman!

Hunsaker said...

looks yummy! too bad i couldn't be there to help you! love ya!

Kelly said...

Wow! Good job! We made apricot jam and strawberry jam this summer. I was totally going to post our pictures from that but forgot until just now! Your peaches look great! Doesn't a little bit go SUCH a long way. =)

Herways Go West said...

Holy moly. What are you thinking??? Like you have time for this! Impressive, i.m.p.r.e.s.s.i.v.e.

Jenny said...

You are very ambitious! I wish I could have some of your peach pie!