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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Girls! 9-12-08

The last weekend I was in Utah, and the reason I stayed so long, was for the Layton Utah Music Workshop. My mom is the Chairman and has been for however long they have been doing it. It's huge! I went two years ago and it was so wonderful I knew I had to go again, especially because I knew of the invaluable information I would receive and aid me in my current calling. There were over 900 registered and an amazing amount of youth which I will mention in my next post. Anyway it's all day thing and since my whole family was going or involved that meant I needed to find someone to watch my kids. Two years ago I used my best friends little sister who just happened to be home from school. This year was exciting as well becuase I used the girls I used to babysit! The oldest is now 15, but I started babysitting them about 7 1/2 years ago (the baby was 7 months and now she is 8 and just baptised!) and the last time I did was a little over 3 year ago while their parents went to Europe. Veronica had flewn me in from Alaska (and Maliyah...I was expecting Ky) and was stayed there I think 11 days! It was so fun though.

Anyway since the music workshop started so early I needed the girls to spend the night. So I had Veronica and steve drop off the girls while they went on a date and then Mandy, Kirstin, and Anny hung out and spent the night and helped watch the kids the next day. Having them over to spend the night had to be the best part though. I miss those kids terribly and it was so fun to watch them now with my kids! WE stayed up late of course giggling and watching a movie(actually I spent most of the night cleaning my kids nasty carseats and trying to keep track of whos buckles belonged to who's carseats!)

This is Kirstin (kiki to Kyson), Becca, Mandy and Anny. (Their other sister Cassidy was spending the night at a friends)

Being Goofy of course. They had to do like a million funny poses!

Mandy had her cell with her and Becca spent half the night texting some boys. If anybody knows me I don't care for cell phones and I really could care less for texting. It comes in handy once in awhile if i"m somewhere I can't talk...but most of the time I think i'ts a little impersonal. Anyway....I was really annoyed by the 2 hours of texting.....all it did though was prove to my dad that she isn't ready to have a phone!

The kids having fun outside. Janine's kids were around for awhile and we all went on a walk to see the horses. I was really a fun night!

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