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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exploring Grandmas Street! 9-1-08

So the craziest thing happened after our hot Reunion weekend. It got cold and rained and rained! The guys were supposed to go golfing and we were supposed to go swimming, but decided to just take it easy. All the cousins still came over and during a quick break from the rain we took the kids and went exploring! It had actually hailed...bad during the morning and this first picture is what they discovered was still left from that treacherous downpour of hard snow!

These next two pics are of my nephew Ryan, and Niece Maddie. These are nate and dixie's kids
way too cute for their own skin....literally!

Maliyah was facinated by all the worms that came out due to the rain. She found a little stick and although she wouldn't touch the worms, would push them into her cup.

But when we found a snail she did touch it after I told her his shell is just like our turtles. The part she doesn't know (and apparently Kyson didn't care) is that they are much more fragile. Kyson accidentally stepped on it as we were walking away!

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