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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pear Picking 8-21-08

This last Thurday I gathered a group of women to carpool to our Pear Farm in Medford. It’s the church’s for our region? I’m guessing. But every member is asked to consecrate 12 hours of Pear picking service. I’ll be lucky if I get in my six, but I tried my best. Anyway it was a really fun trip and while stuck in traffic on the way up we stopped to pick Blackberries!

On the way home, again stuck due to construction (it took 2 hours there and back!), the Lady with the stop sign was doing something weird. We paid attention and she was trying to divert this really large bug away from her, but it kept going for her! It was hilarious! Then to my surprise one of the gals in the car (who apparently isn’t afraid of any bug, spider or amphibian) goes out there and picks it up! She brings it to the car with all of use screaming! I locked the doors and wouldn’t let her in and only opened the window for two seconds so we could hear it! I had goosebumps and knew I would have nightmares!

All in all though, the night was awesome, we served, and we had a fabulous time!

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