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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moore Park with J's 8-14-08

Thursday was a very busy day and we had something every second, but one thing we had to do was meet up with our friends at the Park. A had just had her baby and any moment we could spend with them was treasured! A really has the sweetest kids and Maliyah and Kyson just love them! (as do i!)

This park was a new one I hadn’t taken my kids to and they all had such a blast! The best was how willing they were the whole time to have their pictures taken! It was also the first time we had gone to the park since Jade has started crawling and walking that I let him out on the playland…he loved it!
Playing Peekabo with Maliyah

X - looks just like his dad! He asked me to take this picture of him by the fossil that was under the slide.

All the kids - except Jade....aren't they so cute!

There was this rock wall there that X got really good at climbing. Maliyah wanted to try, bud didn't succeed too well, so we settled on the playground rock wall and succeeded much better!

M and Kyson just play so well together it's so fun to watch them!

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