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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burger King 8-14-08

Part of our busy day on Thursday was we were heading out to go camping for the weekend! Duck worked a half day then at noon we loaded up and headed out. We hadn’t really given the kids a real lunch by the time we had left so when we hit Medford and the kids had taken naps in the car we stopped at burger King on the way there.

They were being really silly, but cute…not too wild, so I pulled out my camera. I love getting pictures of them when they are being silly. And Jayden was the silliest of all!

I wish that I could say my kids happened to pose like this on their own...but I can't. I am guilty of posing my kids to look like they love eachother! But they really do!
I am totally obsessed with Jaydens teeth! I never have been like this before with my other two kids, but I just absolutely love his little two teeth smile!

Here Jayden was trying to look back at his hat we had just placed on his head!

For our camping trip as you can see from all the pictures, I braided Maliyahs hair. Okay so the braiding thing isn't all that new, but I don't do the corn rows all over her haid very often. She was really good to sit still the hour that it took me to do it! It only took half hour for that gal last week at girls camp, but Maliyah has much thinner hair and therefore my hands cramp up so much more and it just takes so much longer!

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