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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Klamath County Fair 8-9-08

Yesterday after kids naps I was thiking if nothing else came up we could go out and do some kind of family activity. As I was talking to Duck about what we could do, he mentioned the fair. The Fair!? I didn't even know it was this weekend! I woudl have totaly saved up for it and planned to go on a less busy day! But nonetheless we decided to see how cheap we could spend an afternoon at the fair for.
It was cheap to get in, so right away I was in a good mood! One thing I knew we could always rely on was the animals! Pigs, Sheep and cows are the main attractions....horses not to much, but they do have a good variety of goats, bunny's and poultry. Either way the kids loved it.
All ready and geared up for an afternoon at the fair!
Kyson liked looking at the big tractors although when I wanted to take pictures of the kids on them...he wasn't too thrilled....but Maliyah was!

They had this booth set up with all kinds of mind games and puzzles. Some way beyond our kids years, but some were really fun!

I was testing the continuous shot on my camera, discovering that it only does 3 continuous...(my old one would do more so I was dissapointed), and Duck is going to kill me for posting these, but he was my test subject!

Maliyah was so proud of this magnet bike that we made together!

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Kristy said...

How fun! We'll get to go to our fair on the 25th if the weather is nice. I'm not even going to mention it to the kids until we're getting in the car ready to go!

Hey, I bought that top for Jenna for next year! So cute!