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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 years ago....

This last weekend with my scrapbooking I had finished all the printed pictures that I had, so it was time to move on, edit and print some more! I usually edit and print one month at a time, just to help me remember where I am next(and now you all know how behind I am!). Today's edits were from exactly 3 years ago, when Kyson was just 3 months old. Adam JR was just weeks old in the first pictures. I remember Janine and I having fun being prego together, but even more fun having our boys together! Enjoy this little blast from the past!

Adam Jr's first Photo Shoot

Maliyah in heaven at the Saturday Market in Anchorage
The First Four Grandkids!
The first two boys....who would have known there would be five to follow!


I got his onsie stuck once and Maliyah thought it was the funniest thing in the world!
Maddie & Maliyah
Veronica Sterrett, Janine and Anny Sterrett
Proof that grandpa does get on the floor and play with the kids!


Jaime said...

Hey Camille, that site is super sad huh. I came across it after my sister made a blog for one of his sisters. I know I can't even think about that story whithout welling up.

Hunsaker Family said...

wow! it's fun to look at those pictures! look how thin my face was then!